Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day one at the archives.

Good, productive day. It started off a bit late, since I couldn't bare to wake up as early as I should have, but I was still out the door by 9am, so not too shabby. At the bus stop round the corner, a shuttle came just as I walked up. It wasn't the bus I was expecting---I was a few minutes early according to the scheduled time---but I asked the driver, and it turned out to be a free bus (the Palo Alto Shuttle) that would take me where I wanted to go. So, I saved myself $1.75, and then hopped on another free shuttle (Stanford's Marguerite) to campus. The trip was a bit long, but I got to the archives no problem. I think I'll do the same trip tomorrow, but hopefully earlier in the day. Must maximize my time at the archives, especially since I might skip out for an hour or two for a free tour at the campus museum Wednesday afternoon . . . .

The archives are less impressive than I imagined they would be. The holdings are fantastic for me, and the staff helpful. But the campus is so gorgeous, that it's a bit incongruous to find the archives hidden away in a basement. I will deal. I left the basement for an early lunch---got a recommendation on where to go from the campus visitor's centre, which I stumbled upon in a nearby building. So far, so good. (Cob salad: mmmmm.) Back at the archives after feeding myself, I got some good work done. Lots more to do, but I'm happy with what I've got so far. Oh, and one of the other researchers is a British professor whom I heard speak at the SHAFR conference in Chantilly, VA, back in June. No idea what her name is, of course, but still.

Once the archives closed for the day, I decided to snap a few pics and take the scenic route back to the Palo Alto Trasit Station. The walk was a bit longer than I thought, but I got a look at some of Stanford's amazing campus. Wow. The bright sunlight and hot weather only added to the effect. I made a beeline for Palm Drive, the main entrance into campus, and walked along tall palm trees. It felt good to do something touristy. But doing so meant I missed the last free shuttle home, so I had to pay that $1.75.

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