Monday, August 13, 2007

Thank goodness the weekend is over.

As much as I do like hanging out with friends, it's nice to not be doing it right now. A bit of me time, you know.

When I left you last I was heading out of my room to watch a movie with FN, LT, and MB. Well, that movie was just dreadful. Dreadful. I of course can't remember what it was called, but I recommend avoiding any and all movies with Ethan Hawke in Vienna. I tried to sit through it---unhappily---but about half-way through I just couldn't take it anymore. I bailed and went back to work. I think maybe the stupidity on the TV screen made me feel the need to prove to myself that I am not an idiot, so I outlined my dissertation. (Very broadly.)

That was Saturday night. Sunday afternoon it was out to door to meet EH for brunch. The three of us rode the streetcar together toward Roncesvalles, and met up with MB at Mitzi's. The food was quite good, though the place was pretty warm. We chatted, dog- and people-watched, and then braved the rain to catch the streetcar back to the Annex. That evening FN and I packed up some Indian spices and walked over to JC's place. FN was to give him cooking lessons. It was a nice evening, and good to see him again. Lovely AG joined us a bit later. She had me laughing so hard that it hurt.

At the moment I am running some e-mail errands and getting ready to go down to Bloor St. to buy fruit.

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