Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Second last day at the archives.

I've been going through material a bit more quickly than I anticipated, and things are looking good for getting pretty much everything done tomorrow before I leave. There are of course collections that just might have something interesting, but one can't look at absolutely everything that's potentially even remotely connected to one's research if one hopes to ever finish a dissertation. So, with that in mind, I'm happy with what I've been able to do here. This may mean that I won't have to come back, which---while good---is also sad, because here is so awesome!

This morning before the archives opened I got a tea and drank it on a bench by a fountain. There was no one around, and it was lovely. Part of my view is to the left. I then looked around the Hoover Tower building for a few minutes, reading all the names on the wall and soaking up all the Hooverness of it all. For lunch I met up with GCC at the back of Memorial Church and we had a good California-style lunch on a picnic table. He showed me around campus a bit more, and then we decided to hit up the tower part of the Hoover Tower. And . . . wow! At 250 feet up, Stanford's campus and surrounding area is even more beautiful, if that's possible. Great view. You all definitely need to come visit this part of the world if you can. I had a really nice couple of hours with GCC. It's kinda sad that I have to leave soon. I've had an awesome time with FN's Waterloo friends (Googler JR, TF, and AMcG) and the other guys I hung out with here.

But Toronto awaits, and there's lots of socializing coming up. Oh, and school starts soon. Eek. I totally have things to do before then. Crap. Reality awaits.

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