Friday, August 10, 2007

No work Thursday.

It was bound to happen, eh. I was so good the past few days, working steadily. But then yesterday I had to get up "early" (11:30am---which is early when one doesn't get to bed until 6:30am) to have lunch with a friend. Well, I guess he's a friend. Let me explain.

See, I met this guy at the Historica council meeting back in November. We were in a breakout session together. I was only at the meeting because I did a research project for the foundation; he is on the council. Turned out he's friends with my supervisor. I didn't see him again until the spring, when I spotted him in the Massey common room before dinner. I was there to have dinner. He was there to eat and then join the other older folk for a book club meeting. (He's older than my father.) We ended up sitting beside each other at dinner, and had a great time gossiping and etc. He's quite interesting. Then we went out for lunch in June, and then again yesterday. It's been fun! I think he just really likes being around young people occasionally, and I get a kick out of hearing stories about his friends and adventures. Yesterday after lunch we stopped in at a bookstore that only sells mysteries and thrillers. Neat-o. Anyways, that's the story.

Last night I streetcar'd out to the Drake Underground for the Vulcan Dub Squad's CD ("s-e-e-d-y," said the frontman) release party. I went because Woodhands---aka one of PB's bands---was also on the lineup. Masseyite SH came too, as did scenester and dancer par excellence CG2. It was a fun time. Those guys, and others that I met and talked with, are just so nice and awesome. Oh, but I forgot to tell you what happened when I got off the streetcar and walked into the hotel. I got carded. But, it was funny, because the door guys said to me and another girl that we looked mighty young. So I whipped out my wallet and showed one of them my driver's license. Once he'd processed my age, he did a very pronounced double take! It was really obvious and funny. ("Yeah, I'm that old." Haha.)

The night ended relatively early, and then I was back at home and reading. I should return to that soon . . . .

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