Monday, August 27, 2007

Back at Hoover.

After my weekend of fun, I was back at the archives today, bright and early. In fact, I was on campus at 8am, which is 15 minutes before the archives even opens. I've been a very early riser the past week. (Though I did take a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon.) I suppose most people would go grab a coffee if they were early for work; I wandered to another part of campus and took pictures! Because I am obsessed with taking photos! I still can't get over the gorgeousness of Stanford. It's seriously the nicest place.

Thursday and Friday I sat beside the same woman at the archives, and---this now being a thing---we sat together this morning too. We chatted a bit about our projects before going in, and decided to have lunch together. Yay! An archives friend. Those are always great. (I have fond memories of MK from the US National Archives and Columbia, and the prof. I hung out with at the UK National Archives.) Looks like today was the first day of school for the undergrads here, because campus was much fuller than it was last week. And, perhaps fittingly, we ate lunch outside the cafeteria. Please avoid this place. The cafe I was getting lunch from last week is much better. At least now I know. After lunch we had a drink outside one of the libraries, and then it was back to work.

Looks like I will get through almost everything I wanted to on this trip. There's one collection that's gone missing, so I can't see that, and a couple others that are unexpectedly enormous. Otherwise, I should get it all done. And, heck, there are worse places to have to come back to, eh?

The pic is of me (clearly) in the arcade of Encina Commons.

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