Saturday, July 14, 2007

Indie surprise party.

Friday night we partied it up to send EC off to her new town. Good friends AG and her roommate PB hosted the event at their nearby house. The usual Montreal-born crew was there, as were plenty of musicians from the local indie scene---EC's favourite groups. (Including the Rural Alberta Advantage and The Gravity Wave, who---meaning Ken---had the house jumping with a rendition of his "Footprints.") It was a fun night, and EC had NO IDEA it was coming! This, despite the fact that there were a few times when the secret nearly came out over the past few weeks. (I myself almost let it slip once, when I was talking with EC and PB a couple weeks ago.)

After a late night which degenerated into drunken shenanigans (marked by throwing up in the bathroom and screaming karaoke in the living room---no, not me doing either), EC, her best friend, her roommate and I all went to Vesta Lunch ("Toronto's Narrowest Restaurant") for a 3am meal. This is a NY-style diner just a few blocks away. It's kinda neat, and has decent, cheap-ish, 'round-the-clock greasy food. A handful of the indie kids came by a few minutes later too.

Today I've pretty much done nothing but eat, wash dishes, and sleep. I worked a bit in the afternoon after pancakes, but then felt tired so went to lie down . . . and work up 4.5 hours late. Oy. It'll be another all-night workday for me. And my sleeping meant I completely missed a Massey BBQ and a bachelorette thing I pondered showing up for. Ah well. No big loss ;-)

I must say in closing that I am kinda intrigued by the indie music scene of which EC is so a part. I may have to accompany her to a show or two before she leaves. All three of PB's bands are playing soon . . . .

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jen you are so indie