Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Massey day.

The show last night (Sunday) was fun! Super fun, actually. we're scared was great! I walked down with EH (the new EC) and JH, and a few other people joined us later. I'm starting to recognize people at these shows, and talked to a few of them. After the music ended a few of us ate nachos together, and this time got home before 3am. Not late at all for this crowd.

Monday I woke up relatively early and went to Massey in the afternoon in hopes of catching sight of a friend who I won't get to see for a long time. Although I chatted with people for a significant amount of time, I did get at least a couple hours of work in. But when I got home I found myself so tired that I had to take a nap. Sigh. And then it was back out for a couple hours to the Green Room, a local semi-sketch bar, to hang out with Masseyite SH. I had to walk home 'cause I missed the last train. But just as I was reaching my house, a cop car pulled up and asked if everything was ok. I occasionally see police cars driving around at night, and it's good to know they are out there. I really don't like walking alone after dark, and I shouldn't do it, but sometimes I do it anyways.

I'm slightly unimpressed with myself now---both for going out tonight and therefore not doing work, and also for not keeping track of time and having to walk home---so I should read a bit before bed.

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