Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My weekend.

Since I spent most of Saturday and Sunday working, I think it's okay that I pretty much took off Monday and Tuesday to do non-dissertation things. Monday FN, EC, and I had a late brunch at Easy Restaurant in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood. (Pronounced "RON-says-veils," but said quickly.) Afterward we walked around and visited some of the many Polish shops along the strip. It's a neat area, a bit run down, but with nice residential streets and access to everything you'd need. Later that afternoon we boarded the streetcar once again and headed back east. We did some shopping on Queen West (the "Fashion District" part, though the name isn't quite apt) and met up with YT at Trinity-Bellwoods Park, where we people-, bike-, and dog-watched for a bit. Then it was time for refreshments before EC had to go leave to buy herself a bicycle. The rest of us walked and shopped some more. And FN and I walked all the way home. We did A LOT of walking that day.

In lieu of working Monday night after a yummy Chinese-style dinner, I some of read Harry Potter 6 in preparation for the release of HP7 in a few days. And then I attempted to go to sleep relatively early (for me), but alas. I spent hours awake, thinking about things. And so was quite tired when I had to drag myself of of bed to go to a dentist appointment Tuesday afternoon.

The dentist was fine (if expensive!), and once home I headed out again. This time to Kensington Market to stock up on groceries for the next few days. After another excellent dinner, I decided to whip up friend DN's vegan chocolate cake, but sans some of the vegan ingredients. It turned out well, if not quite as scrumptious as when he makes it. I think I might forgo working tonight in favour of more Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince . . . .

Tomorrow: laundry! And then I must get back to work.

[Two firetrucks with sirens blaring just drove down my street---the wrong way, of course. There's been a rash of arson attacks in residential areas in Toronto recently. Let's hope everything's ok.]

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