Monday, July 16, 2007

All-night dissertator.

Although I know it's not good for me long-term of stay up all night, it's working out for me at the moment. There are pretty much no distractions in the wee hours, since, well, I've already read all the websites I read during the waking hours and they aren't updated at 3AM. No one is on Facebook---though EC was tagging photos of me at 2:30AM, so that's not quite true. No one's on MSN; no one's sending me e-mail. I can't do dishes because it makes too much noise. And so I have to work. Yes, I did watch a movie today ("Letters From Iwo Jima") but have otherwise been pretty steadily working.

Yesterday afternoon I took a break from taking notes to walk down to Bloor St. to get provisions. Just as I thought to myself, "I wonder whether I'll run into anyone I know today," a guy walks out of his house and says, "Hi Jen." He's a Masseyite, and although we live on the same street, I've never run into him before. We went to the grocery store together and chatted about school and life. It was nice.

After a late dinner I was feeling lethargic, so took a nap until 2:30AM. And here I am, wide awake and ready for more notetaking!

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