Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Canada Day, sick day.

Happy belated Canada Day everyone! FN and I did the proper thing and went out into public Sunday night, braving crowds of post-rock-loving hipsters, munching on Harbourfront popcorn, experiencing the new faux-beach, taking in fireworks, and eating (a second) dinner at Rol San in Chinatown. We went with CLM; much fun was had by all, though it was rather chilly for July.

Today's been kind of a write off, work- and social-life-wise. Was feeling ill and took a long nap in between complaining and reading and talking and obsessively checking e-mail and surfing the net.

One final thought: AT's JS is tres cool. Just thought I should share. Oh, and I have a place to stay in Palo Alto in late August. Excellent!

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