Sunday, July 22, 2007

One last show . . . for now.

After a few hours of dissertating yesterday, I decided I'd keep my word and go see PB's third band perform. (I'd see one of them twice, and then a third time last Wednesday; the other one I saw Thursday.) The show this time was rather out of the way for me, but thankfully it wasn't complicated to find the venue. I met FPW outside the, er, warehouse-type place at 11pm. We went inside to witness the spectacle that is BoyBallz. Wow. PB claimed they were "ridiculous and amazing." Ridiculous, yes; amazing, perhaps. But pretty entertaining. After their set, the main attraction (for me) came on: woodhands. PB and that other guy were awesome. Electronic pop or some such, very danceable. Great fun.

After the show, I hung around with PB and CG2---a dancing fool if there ever was one, helped pack up, chatted with woodhands' frontman on the drive to the storage space, and then went for pizza with the guys. It was good to get a ride home and not have to find my way back to the Annex all by my lonesome on public transportation. While at the show, I decided that it was best to get in the mood. So I danced and drank crappy (but free!) beer and made nice with the other show-goers.

Once home I managed to get in a smidge of work before bed. And then it was up early (strangely) and time for more work. Which I haven't been very efficient at today. Oh well.

My week (and a day) of EC-like adventures has now come to an end. Next up is drinking with historians on Tuesday, and then my sister comes to visit! So much for sustained dissertation work, eh?

(And now that I check out those band websites, I think CS's boyfriend is in BoyBallz. He wasn't last night, seeing as they are out of town, but . . . . Huh.)

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