Sunday, July 08, 2007

Brunch pigs and bboys.

What a nice way to end a string of fun Toronto days! We braved the risk of severe thunderstorms and hail today to have brunch with friends FPW, AM, EC, AG, and JC. The place we wanted to eat at was closed, but we hit up another venue close by, and it worked out well. Of course, I can't remember, but it's at Shaw and Dupont. Universal Cafe or something. (I'm sure Google Maps can tell me, but I don't care that much.)

After brunch AM, FN, and I drove FPW back to his industrial home and hung out a bit there. He lives in a warehouse. It's cool if not totally homey. The best/worst part was the sign he made and taped outside their exterior door. It reads something like, "This is not a urinal. Please pee somewhere else." Oy. Oh, and the little garden of flowers he cultivated was recently weed-whacked away. Sigh.

Once home, I was feeling a bit mopey and not in the mood to work. So I decided that I best go out again. FPW mentioned earlier that he wanted to check out the Beats, Breaks & Culture festival at Harbourfront. Why not go with him to that, I thought? So FN and I did, enjoying the amazing Pop, Lock & Load Finale. Or, in English, the break-dancing finals! It was awesome! Such incredible bodies/skills these young men have. Wow. And, frankly, super hot too. The winners were a couple of teenagers, Jinx and Zen. It did rain on us a bit, but there was no major downpour. After the show we walked to Burrito Boyz to dine on Toronto's best burritos. Pretty good, I must say. And then a long walk home.

And now I am fairly tired. But still not feeling particularly interested in working. Maybe I'll watch the second Harry Potter movie. (I watched the first one last night. I have to re-watch them occasionally because I never remember what happens.)

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