Saturday, July 21, 2007

Enough's enough.

Time to get back to work! Last night (Thursday) ended just shy of 5:30am on Friday. I mean, I was having a decently-good time with EC, her roommate JH, PB, and another guy, but it's time for me to get serious about dissertating.

Earlier in the evening I went to AB and OB's apartment, chocolate cake in hand, for a going-away party. They will be in Russia for the next year! The usual assortment of Russianists was on hand, as well as a handful of other assorted historians. I really like that crowd, even if I don't always have a ton of things to say to them. But I suppose that's true of just about anyone, so it's not a bad thing. They are lovely, interesting, entertaining people.

Just after 11pm I left the party to meet up with EC and JH at the Rivoli. PB's band, the Rural Alberta Advantage, was headlining a show. We got there in time to catch most of the previous band's set (Five Blank Pages). They were good in terms of being well-rehearsed and entertaining and all that, but I got a bit tired of some of the angst. Maybe I'm being unkind. But soon enough the RAA was on, and I think this was the best I've ever heard/seen them perform. A great show! A few of (what it seems to me are) the usual indie suspects were in evidence, dancing up a storm and otherwise supporting their friends. I took lots of pics to help EC remember her last Toronto concert for a while. She was a bit sad.

Friday evening FN and I met her good friend KC for an impromptu dinner at John's in Baldwin Village, a little stretch of restaurants and small shops just north of the Art Gallery of Ontario. He's awesome, that guy. And although I really don't think he needs 6 new suits to dress himself for his new semi-corporate job, he does look great ;-)

Right-o. Time to get back to work as I munch on fancy couscous. (Homemade, by me!)

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