Thursday, July 26, 2007

I heart historians.

Tuesday evening FN and I walked down to the Victory Cafe to meet up with a good handful of my fellow history grad students. And we had a great time!! I am just so fond of some of these people, and some of them I definitely need to hang out with more. Excellent, excellent. And, you know, we didn't really talk about history. (Although I love talking about peoples' respective research.) Just saying, is all.

On Wednesday my sister arrived from Montreal for a visit. Once she got in we went for a walk down through campus and to Kensington Market---which she, of course, absolutely loved---and then back through Chinatown, another part of campus, past the ROM Crystal, and back home. I really do live in a great part of the city. And, there's so much more to explore, both within and without walking distance! Toronto ain't London, of course, but it's got a lot of really interesting spots, if you're interested in urban neighbourhoods. Later on today she and I will hit up the AGO for free, thanks to Massey's corporate membership. Yay!

But first, breakfast and lunch. We get to eat leftovers from last night's super yummy (FN-made) dinner with KC and a friend of his and FN. I'm feeling slightly bad about not doing any work since Tuesday morning, but there you have it. It's not often that I spend time with my sister or some of my favourite historians, so it's ok.

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