Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nocturnal dissertator.

A familiar tale, I know. I slept through the vast majority of Monday, going to bed before 6am and only rising at 4:30pm. Yikes! And so here I am, up in the wee hours, working away. I'm taking lots of notes and things are becoming ever clearer in my head about what the heck my dissertation will be about. I'm eager to finish the current set of documents and move on to work of the YMCA. Exciting (to me)!

There really isn't much to do when everyone is asleep. So as a distraction I've been listening to random music on my computer. Notetaking doesn't require a huge amount of brain-power, so I don't mind the aural distraction. And, my, is there ever a lot of crappy music on my playlist.

The plan for the rest of Tuesday is to work some more, get a few hours sleep, and then go to Kensington to stock up on necessaries. (I love that word; it comes from my research.) After dinner I go off to the Vic to socialize with historians! Should be fun.

Oh, and I changed the name of the blog to "Narratives." Figured this made more sense than "Questioning," since the blog has become a telling of my days with only a very rare comment of potentially any interest to anyone who doesn't feel compelled to read this blog ;-).

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. This made me laugh, and this made me want a copy of the photo. (It's of the subway station half a block from my house.) There's just something about it . . . .

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