Sunday, January 20, 2008

Work and fun.

I've been working some, and partying more. But it's the weekend, so that's ok . . . right? Friday evening I went to the Drake to catch Amos The Transparent's set. I loved them when they came to town in December, and was determined to see them again and buy their album. Mission accomplished. They are back in February, and that will be another must-attend event. I went by myself, but spotted a couple historians in the crowd, as well as a few indie regulars, so that was nice.

Lauren---she of No Shame, the best weekly (if not more often) indie showcase in town---has now moved to the Drake, so I'll be there regularly. It's kinda too bad that the audience there can be a bit uptight, but I'm sure things will improve now that the venue will host lots of good shows that will attract my kind of people.

After the early Friday show ended, the historians and I, along with a newly acquired friend, went off to the Silver Dollar to catch Cold Dead Hands and Songs From A Room. I'd seen them both before, and they were both good Friday night too. I'm not in love with either of them, but that's fully an indication of my own musical tastes than a comment on the awesomeness of the bands. CDH was especially good on that night, I must say, so that I quite enjoyed their set even though I prefer indie pop to full-on rock.

On Saturday I decided to blow off work to go to an afternoon party at a friend's house. He and his roommates hosted a handful of bands who played in their living room. It was great! I stayed for a couple hours and was really glad I went. Last night there was more partying, this time to celebrate EH's birthday. Yesterday was good.

Today I need to get back to work. It's cold outside; I'm not leaving the house.

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