Monday, January 07, 2008

Failure to sleep at night.

Well, no such luck on the attempt to break out of nocturnalism. Instead, I am even more nocturnal. Slept from ca. noon to 8pm yesterday. Ouff. So I've been awake since then. And I've been working away pretty steadily. I had to stop working on my chapter and go back to my documents. I feel much better about the project now, but of course this just means it's gonna take ever long to finish the chapter draft. Has to be this way, though. Really.

It's pretty interesting, some of the stuff I've been discovering. Nothing earth-shattering. The American ambassador to Russia was a bit pompous, and he kept meddling in YMCA and Red Cross matters, unbeknownst to the representatives of those organizations. Granted, Y and Red Cross men were known to meddle in politics themselves---it was unavoidable---but the ambassadors actions still surprise me. The Y and Red Cross men usually used the embassy and consular cable facilities (for lack of an alternative) and the ambassador read their messages. When he didn't like something, he'd send confidential messages to the men's bosses back in the US. He also cabled in support of the work they were doing. Clearly, the relief workers were not independent at all.

So what? I don't know; ask me later.

In completely unrelated news, I still don't know anything about music, but I intend to attend lots of shows in the foreseeable future. Calendar's always full of stuff to do.

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