Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quite the weekend.

My sleeping patterns aren't normal yet. It's crazy, but whatever. I struggled through exhaustion and kept from passing out all week.

On Friday I was up early, did laundry, and then went off to spend the day with that guy I met on the plane. I hung out with him one evening in Palo Alto, and he got in touch recently to say he would be in Toronto. Since I had such a good time with him back in August, I decided we needed to hang out again. We had lunch at one of my favourite places, Mount Everest, stopped in at Labyrinth, then took a scenic (and rain- and wind-accompanied) walk down to Queen West.

We went in search of a toque for him, and then a hat for me. And basically just had a great time. I decided to join him for dinner with his friends, and they were lovely. Spotted historians at the next table. Fun day/night. Then I was exhausted and was asleep by 11pm.

Saturday was spent attempting to sleep, then making pita pizzas with my roommate and our friends EH, JH, and MB. So good, and so much fun. JH brought wine. And then she and MB and I went to Teranga for a Woodhands show. We got there at about 10:15pm or so, and the place was PACKED. I quickly saw people I knew, historians and indie kid types.

Green Go was up first. They were good. I was in the middle of the crowd. Next up was Opopo, who I was a bit disappointed with, but only because I had high expectations. They were really just fine. By then I was up on a chair so I could actually see the musicians at the front of the restaurant. (It's a pretty small space and there's no stage.) I recommend standing on a chair if you can. Paul Banwatt spun good tunes during breaks, and JH and MB and I enjoyed ourselves. Bocce was third, and I don't have much to say about them: just fine. It was a good dance party, and continued to be rammed with people the whole night.

Then, finally, at maybe 1:30am, Woodhands started to play. MB and I fought our way to the very front, and really that's the only place to be. We danced like crazy and had an amazing time. Paul and Dan Werb were just so good. They played for a long time and endured technical problems. (Not helped by drunken idiots throwing beer on us and Dan's equipment.) Their set---maybe close to an hour?---was . . . I dunno. Crazy ridiculous and all kinds of awe-inspiring. They killed. I really liked Paul's Maylee cover and his rapping. And it was fantastic that for once he was as close to the crowd as was Dan. Drummers are usually stuck at the back of the stage. I get why, but it was nice that at this show that wasn't the case. (Photo source.)

Check out some more photos from the Woodhands show, including more of me and MB. Best show ever.

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