Friday, January 11, 2008

Queen West makes me love life again.

I never thought I'd think that shopping would make me feel better about life, but, well it did. Crazy. I was a complete wreck yesterday when I walked to school to lend a friend some CDs, then continued on my way to Queen St. West to get my haircut. Was starting to fade while waiting... but the stylist is nice so we chatted easily.

Afterwards I decided to walk home, so headed west toward Spadina, and then shoe stores beckoned. I was curious about rain boots, truth be told, but it's the wrong time of year to buy them (not to wear them, though). BUT then I spotted the cutest pair of sneakers ever. They were on sale, and they are awesome, and I now own them.

Oh god I sound like such a girl. Oh well.

CS and I had a lovely dinner---food saves my life, too---then we went to pub night to see historians. I managed to stay awake until midnight. Then woke up just shy of 7am, so good. GOOD.

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