Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indie Music 19.

Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more, and never ones that require advance ticket purchases. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, please do let me know.

I've cut out the dance listings. Torontoist does a good list. Last week's is up here. Check that site later this week if you're keen on dancing. DJ Shit la Merde's putting on a party at Sneaks on Friday, for example. And you can Shake A Tail every Saturday at Clinton's. As for the music listings, the more I discover, the more I realize that I'm leaving lots of stuff out. But at least this list will get you going . . . .

A number of shows each week are pay-what-you-can. This pretty much means it costs $5.

No starred shows this week. Just go out, take it all in, enjoy yourself, and tell me about it. I might be up for some Tranzac lounge action before Friday comes around.

MONDAY (21 jan)

Shoeless Monday Revolution Love @ 11:30, In Wait & Ruin @ 10:30, and Tongue N Groove @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, free.

Elvis Monday feat. The People of Canada, Alphabot, The Royal Shots, Cory Martin, and KC Brains @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, free.

Angela Bower w/ Christine Bougie and Dafydd Hughes @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

TUESDAY (22 jan)

The Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite feat. Ministry Of The Immortal @ 12:00, Ghettonuns @ 11:10, Before The Flood @ 10:20, and Bellevue @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, free.

Lina Allemano, Justin Haynes, and Nick Fraser @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Anhai w/ Nilan Perrara and Eric Chenaux @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Alpha Galates @ Tattoo, 9 pm, $5.

The Perpetrators @ The Dakota Tavern, $5.

WEDNESDAY (23 jan)

Local Alternative feat. Timely Demise @ 12:00, Modest Cowboys @ 11:10, The Palehorses @ 10:20, and No Brigade @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, free.

Nicole Rampersaud @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Ekira Werry w/ Polyheart, and Book Of Gnomes @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Sandro Perri, Andrew Wedman, and Alex Lukashevsky @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc. I gotta get myself to a Sandro Perri show at some point.

THURSDAY (24 jan)

Local Alternative feat. Struggle Fish @ 12:00, AfterpartY @ 11:10, Gruve @ 10:20, and Bury The Bully @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, $4.

Indie Rock feat. The Hots @ 11:15, Modes Of Transport @ 10:15, and tba @ 9:15. Lee's Palace, $4.

Greg Hobbs and Andy Sheppard @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Slow News Day w/ tba @ The El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $5.

Concerts for a Cause presents Ketch Harbour Wolves, The Miles, The Avenue, and Howl @ The El Mocambo (Second Floor), 8pm, $5. Proceeds to Journalists for Human Rights. The Miles are three 18-year-old (or thereabouts) guys. And they pretty well blew me away when I saw them last week. Very tightly-performed, interesting, dancy music.

2X the Mono, and Erika Werry and band @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

The Singing Voices, Magic, and tba @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm.

FRIDAY (25 jan)

Two Way Monologues 9 presents The Eatons, Roflcopter, and Bass Lions @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $5. Like I've said before, these TWM shows are always good, occasionally sold out.

Rammer, Brutal Knights, Acid Reflux, and Libyans @ Adrift Skate Park, 9pm, pwyc.

Steam Whistle Unsigned 5 feat. Major Maker, Grand Analog, We Are The Take, and DJing by OPOPO @ Steam Whistle Brewing (255 Bremner Blvd.), 8pm, $5. Proceeds to the Artists' Health Center. I went to an earlier Unsigned show and had a good time. It's out of the way (for me), but there's beer and good bands.

Pop With Brains 13, Spookey Ruben, The Craft Economy, Eden Ants, Black Rainbows, and The Sweethearts of the Revolution @ The Rivoli, 9pm, $5. This looks good. I'd consider going despite my hate for the Rivoli's back room.

Worst Pop Band Ever and Happy Apple @ The Drake Underground, 8pm, $5. This will be jazzy.

Turn Off The Stars, Norglen, and The Dress Whites @ The El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $5. (Or $7?)

Chuck Erlichman @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Local Alternative feat. North Of Hollywood @ 12:30 (CD release), King Clancy @ 11:30, Proxy Set @ 10:30, and tba @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, $6. I believe the tba is Six O'Clock News.

Prog Post-Punk feat. Black Hat Brigade @ 12:00, UNGDOMSKULEN @ 11:00, and 6ixty 8ights @ 10:00. Lee's Palace, $8.

The Human Statues, Run With The Kittens, and Colin Munroe @ Clinton's, 9pm, $8. You can also catch RWTK in residency at The Cameron House every week.

SATURDAY (26 jan)

Tokyo Police Club @ Nathan Phillips Square, free. Just don't freeze.

The Nathan Hiltz Trio @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 6pm, pwyc.

The Wang Dang Doodle w/ Shitt Hottt and The Speaking Tongues @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Republic of Safety (last show ever, CD release) w/ Elbow Beach Surf Club, The Blankket, and Lex Vaughn (sketch comedy) @ Sneaky Dee's, $8 (or $15 w/ CD). Read more about RofS here.

Anagram, Bush League, No No Zero, and DJ Anousheh @ The Silver Dollar.

William & Polly and Nick Rose @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Stop.Die.Resuscitate (video release) @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, $5. Followed by STA CD release party w/ VND/LSM and Nu Ravers On The Block at 10:30pm. You won't get me out to a VNDLSM show ever again, but that doesn't mean you won't have fun . . . .

Local Rock feat. Wildlife @ 12:30, In My Coma @ 11:30, Playmaker @ 10:30, and All The King's Men @ 9:30. Lee's Palace, $7.

Ra Ra Riot w/ The Coast, The Virgins @ The El Mocambo (First Floor), 8pm, $10. I wouldn't normally list a $10 show, but this is a good deal. You can get advance tix at the usual spots.

Purple Hill (CD release) w/ Timber Timbre, Bruce Peninsula, Love, Anna and Krista Hartman @ Tranzac (Main Hall), 7pm (early show), $10. Also a good deal.

SUNDAY (27 jan)

Wavelength 397 feat. The Torrent, Sleepless Nights, Soft Copy, and DJ Young Adult @ Sneaky Dee's, pwyc. It's been too long since I've been to a Wavelength show, but I'll be in Ottawa Sunday night.

Gather Round feat. The Human Statues, Hamilton Trading Co., and 68PORNOMAGS @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.


LSM said...

why the hate.

lemme get you a drink.


historyjen said...

sorry keith. i went with a couple friends to a show you did with shit la merde at sneaks. and we just couldn't get into what you were doing. we tried.
could have been an off night for us... the rest of the people there seemed to be enjoying themselves. (and he had a great time checking out the crowd... not in a creepy way!)
so no hate, just a decision to check out other happenings instead...

Keith said...

fair enough!

If you come around (ever again), hop up and i'll play any song your heart desires, no matter what the crowd is into.