Sunday, January 06, 2008

Desperately seeking normalcy.

TIRED. I hardly slept yesterday and today. And I think at this point I just need to stay awake---maybe take a short nap in the afternoon to avoid death---so I will fall asleep (and stay asleep) tonight. Mercy. This is ridiculous. It's like I'm jetlagged, but I didn't get to go anywhere fun.

But, speaking of fun, I actually did have some of that last night. I went to Goin' Steady, a monthly dance party at the Boat. Oh my, why have I not gone to this before?! I will go again for sure, next time hopefully with a heap of friends in tow. I wasn't too thrilled about going out last night, in part because of exhaustion, and in part because I wasn't going to know that many people there. I am only starting to be friends with the group I went to go see. (It was a bday outing, so I wanted to be there.) On the streetcar over, though, I ran into someone I'd met before, and turns out he was going to the same event. So in the end there were three different groups of people I knew (at least a bit). I was busy the whole night dancing and talking.

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