Friday, January 04, 2008

Chuging away.

Is chuging a word? It should be if it's not. Because that's what I'm doing---slogging through documents incredibly slowly. I reached a point in my chapter when I just can't bare it anymore and so I went back to the primary sources to get re-energized about things and fill in missing bits. Good decision, but it just means this chapter is taking FOREVER. Oh well. I am working, and I don't think I'm wasting time.

On Thursday night I went to the Drake to see three great bands, two of whom I already loved: The RAA and LLIONS. Well everyone was awesome and amazing, and I had an excellent time. Thanks! The opener, The Golden Hands Before God, was very good, too. I didn't end up paying too much attention to them, though I now think every rock band needs a tambourine man in skinny jeans and a Russian fur hat. Seriously. (Openers suffer because people are still coming in and milling about, not yet ready to commit to what's on stage. Too bad, really, which is why I'm usually paying full attention; but last night I couldn't.)

I've become completely nocturnal, hence the early morning post. But my schedule is giving me a headache and I need to go to bed now. Night!

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