Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dinner with Canucks.

After a long day at the archives I headed out to a Mews on Notting Hill for a good homemade dinner with JDS, TC, and their expat friends. It was a nice evening, and I only got a bit lost on my way there. For the past few hours I've been hard at work on the internet, chatting with HD about dissertation research and etc., and making plans for researching at the British Library Newspaper Reading Room later this week.

In the morning I will go into Richmond to get money to pay my landlady for the coming week, perhaps do a couple hours work at the National Archives, and then head over to Westminster for my appointment at the Parliamentary Archives. Afterward, I'm meeting JDS and TC, and we're going on a ride on the London Eye!!! And then dinner out. It will be an expensive day, for sure, but it should be a fun one. (And, seriously, what's a trip to London without blowing A LOT of cash?!)

And now I really must get to sleep, seeing as how it's after 2:30am over here. Oy.

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