Thursday, February 22, 2007

A tourist in London.

This here is a sneak peak at part of my day yesterday. Scroll down for more visual delights!

Yesterday's adventures, in reverse chronological order (because I feel like it):

Sleep. Arrive home. Train back to Kew. Leave JDS and TC at Piccadilly Circus. See Chinatown. (The decorations are still up from New Year's celebrations on the weekend.) Finish dinner at Bar Shu and head out. Eat good, but strange (of course) Chinese food with JDS, TC, and various other married people. Pre-dinner drinks and (expensive) snacking at a pub in Soho. Walk to Soho. Leave the Eye, take more pictures. The LONDON EYE!! Line-up for tickets. Walk from Parliament across the Thames. ("Look! There's Big Ben. Isn't it cool?!") Meet up with JDS and TC outside Westminster Abbey. Stroll and down Whitehall---a street, not a building, which I should totally know since so many of my documents came from there! Am awed by Parliament. Leave the House of Lords. Conduct archival research . . . in the House of Lords. Neat, eh? Walk from Trafalgar to Westminster, in search of Victoria Tower. Marvel (quickly) at the sights, and make a mental note that I must come back for a leisurely stroll. Snap a picture of Canada House and the "Canadian Pacific" building. Take the requisite tourist photos. Join the throngs in Trafalgar Square for a few minutes. Arrive at the Square. Leave Victoria Park (I think that's what it was called). Stroll through a nice park just outside the underground station. Get off the tube at Embankment. Get on the District Line at Kew. Leave my house. Eat lunch and get ready to start my day. Return home and pay my landlady. Wait a LONG time for the train to depart for Kew. Cash my last travellers' cheques. Find the correct bank in Richmond. Get off the train at the end of the line (as in, the next stop). Finally get out of the house. Futz around for too long. Eat breakfast. Awake. Decide I don't want to wake up just yet and reset my alarm for an hour later. Alarm goes off; I press "snooze" a few times.

Here's the standard me-on-a-research-trip-with-a-pink-scarf-and-a-black-coat shot of me on the Eye.And here are a few other tourist photos, this time in proper chronological order. London is (obviously) totally beautiful. Washington and Ottawa ain't got nothing on it. (But, then, one can't seriously expect them too. So it's okay.)

Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square"Canadian Pacific"Canada House (or that's what JDS and TC tell me it's called) Victoria Tower. To get to the Parliamentary Archives, go 'round to the right and into the first entrance past the guard. So cool!"The Women of World War II"---a different sort of war memorial along the stretch of Whitehall where there were a whole bunch of granite and bronze type things. The stereotypical "interesting" shot of that engineering feat, the Eye, looking up from the ground outside the ticket office. (It costs 14.50pounds to ride. Ouch! )The spicy chicken dish that was mostly peppers. Can you make them out?

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