Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back in the Annex.

I'm baa-aack! After a long day of researching, packing, and travelling yesterday, I'm now back home and trying to organize my life. First up: opening a months' worth of mail. Next I need to finish unpacking and get myself down to Bloor St. so I can get provisions.

It's definitely colder here in Canada's largest city than it was in DC. There's even snow on the ground! How nifty.

My social/work calendar is filling up fast, folks, so book me soon. (I sound like an ass writing that, but it's true!)

I'm glad to be back, but I miss the structure of life in College Park. Maybe this is a sign I need to get me some structure. Hmm.

Oh, and yesterday at the archives I found money in a couple boxes. Russian rubles. Neat, eh? Here's one 5-ruble bill (front and back) from 1918:

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ec said...

frame 'em!! 99cent frames from ikea = yessss