Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good to be home.

Ok, I'm convinced: the Annex is totally the place to be. College Park and J were excellent, but they just can't beat life in Toronto. I went out for groceries this evening, and (of course) ran into a friend on Bloor St. This almost always happens. So TC2 and I walked home together, him telling me about his research and life in Germany, and me about my adventures at NARA and in DC. I love historians!

On the plane yesterday I sat beside a woman who lives a few blocks away, and we agreed about the awesomeness of the Annex. And speaking of seat-mates, why is it that I always manage to find myself beside interesting people on my flights to and fro? Yesterday's seat-mate is a documentary/non-fiction producer/director who once made a documentary about women during the First World War. She and a few other people on the flight were returning from a television conference in DC. It was very nice talking to her, though it meant I didn't get to read any more of my supervisor's book. (Bad me. Especially since I didn't read very much of it in January.) I hope that I enjoy my job---once I get one---as much as she and her husband enjoy theirs.

Well, anyways, back to life.

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