Friday, February 16, 2007

Photos of my way home, attempt # 2.

First up, a mail box . . . or, more precisely, a post post. I believe mail is delivered by the Royal Mail, and that the Post Office 'round these parts is a private company where you can do a bit of banking, mailing, or get a phone plan. Or something. Bizarre.Next up is a telephone booth. What's that show called? Dr. what?Here's a shot of the busy (for Kew) tree-lined street I walk along each day to and from the archives. That glowing yellow box thing is I think an indication that pedestrians can cross the street there. The green fence is part of the crossing system. Crossing the street (legally) is a bit of a process. You can see more of the crosswalk system in the next picture. To cross, pedestrians press a button on a box that tells them to either "WAIT" or "WALK" (and there are also crossing signals kinda like the ones back home). Also, I swear all the cars here look like new. Shiny and clean. Must be all the rain and lack of dirty snow and salt . . . .This is a tree that has no business growing outside in February anywhere in the north. I am wierded out by this tree/plant/alien posing as flora.Penultimately, I bring you an example of a street sign. Unlike everywhere I've been in North America, where most signs are raised on poles at so they are clearly visible (well, as long as the signs are big enough), the ones I've seen here are either on the sides of buildings near corners or propped up to sit a few feet above the ground. How quaint!Finally (yes, you've reached the end of my walk home), here's a not-so-great shot of the house where I'm staying. It's much nicer in real life, and it's huge. Also, it has a name. A name!*Addendum later this evening . . .*

Continuing my theme of photographing the cats I stay with on my research trips (usually while they are snoozing on my bed), here's Snuggles. Or, I think that's his name. He's lovely but a bit pudgy. It happens to the best of us. ;-)

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