Saturday, February 03, 2007

I smell like curry.

In College Park the closest I got to curry was when the bus passed by Curry Lane on the way to and from the archives. The whole month was pretty much all about white-people food. Which is fine, but, well, boring.

Toronto is awesome these days. It's cold but manageable. On Thursday evening, after a yummy dinner with FN, I headed off to history pub night to catch up with people I hadn't seen in many weeks. It was fun! That crew of first-year PhDs and MAs are quite entertaining. And it was nice to see HD again . . . with a very chic new look!

Friday my body decided at about 7am that it was time to wake up, so I did. I finished some household errands and after an un-filling breakfast, FN and I went down to Chinatown---Toronto has a real Chinatown, unlike DC's completely un-Chinatown-like Chinatown---for dim sum (good!) and then shopping for provisions in Kensington Market (fun!). We parted ways so I could walk to school to check my mail---there was one thing after a month away---and go buy myself Wordperfect. I hate hate hate Word and I love Wordperfect. I walked home from school with a silly grin on my face because I ran into friends at the department (as usual) and JDS at Robarts! I must hang out with her and TC soon. I miss them!

Once home it was nearly time to start cooking for FN's dinner party. It took about 3 hours but she made really excellent Indian dishes from the cookbook she wanted from me for Xmas. I stayed long enough to eat my fill and then dashed off to go watch Harry Potter 4 with LG. He accused me of being a social butterfly, which I guess is quite true. Especially since my weekend is pretty solidly booked. Sigh. But yay.

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