Tuesday, January 30, 2007

From home to home.

Tomorrow I'm leaving this home to go, well, home. Toronto home. It's kinda sad. The archives are great fun---it's a learning adventure every day!---and I like living with the Js. (Especially the male J, who's super awesome.)

I'm sorry to say that I have not been a good tourist this month. I did not manage to buy postcards ever, so none of you are getting one. Oops. Also, I missed a whole lot of sights in DC, but I feel less guilty about that.

I've managed to get through everything that I really needed to this trip. Or, I will do that tomorrow, assuming the boxes I've requested come through. There's some other stuff I could have looked at, but I can do that another time. I mean, let's face it: chances are I will discover something that I should have looked at and will have to come back anyway. For the moment, though, I'm pleased with the tens of thousands of images I took! It'll take months just to read through everything. Yikes.

Time for me to go make my last dinner here in College Park.

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