Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yay Sloan yay!!, part 2.

CS and I went to see Sloan Tuesday night. It's now a thing that we do: go see Sloan perform in small venues for not a lot of money. This time it cost us exactly $0, not including tokens to get to the venue. The first time we did this it was their show at Supermarket during CMW. That was such a fun night. This time around, Sloan played a few songs in front of a live audience at Tattoo Rock Parlour for a taping of a "Live @ The Orange Lounge" concert. I got us free passes from Chromewaves. We showed up, lined up for a while, got our photo taken with a guy promoting some Mazda music video game, and went inside. First up was Will Currie & the Country French, who are good if not totally up my alley. CS really enjoys them, so she was super pleased. They played 4 songs, and the small crowd was appreciative but clearly waiting for the main act.

Sloan! So good, so hot. They really know how to put on a good show even at a weird event like this. The foursome (plus Greg, their keyboardist, whom I'd seen not so long ago) played 4 songs, then left the stage before coming back to perform 4 more. The songs were mostly new ones, off their record "Parallel Play," parts of which I've been enjoying. The crowd was in a good mood, and got excited when Sloan performed some of their older hits to end the night. So? It was fun, well worth going to see. And now I've been to Tattoo. Not a bad little place, if strange. (You can get a tattoo if you're bored of the music.)

Before the show we had a lot of very tasty sushi at Sushi on Bloor. And afterwards we walked along West Queen West and I bought myself a wristband for NxNE. Yipee! Now I've got to get back to my conference paper.


Fickle Feline said...

I thought the opening act was very Ben Folds Five-esque, and while I didn't completely love their live act, I'm thinking I would probably dig their EP.

Also, I live in the 'burbs, so the hipster quota seemed pretty high to me. Likely just because I went from zero to sixty in about two seconds ;-)

geoff said...

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