Thursday, June 05, 2008

Distracted. Entertained.

I still haven't written my conference paper! Eeek. I have to do it soon.

I keep getting distracted by errands and the internet and talking with CS and then going out. Tonight I went down to the Horseshoe to catch The Human Statues. They were pretty fun, energetic, and highly entertaining; I'm glad that I went to see them perform. A new friend of mine (JW) was in the audience, right up at the front where I like to be. Clearly, we are meant to be friends. During the last band's set---Woodward Company---I spotted a friend from school in the crowd. Fun. After the show JW and I talked to some of the musicians and each other and some random older guy at the bar. The hour got later. I had hoped to be home by 12:30. Instead, I got home after 2am. Oops. And it's now approaching 3am.

I rather enjoyed Woodward Company. They seem young and I think they've got something. At times the music was a bit too standard rock, but there were moments of interest and variety. Reminded me of Tokyo Police Club at times. They are talented and not bad looking. I wish them well; maybe they'll evolve into something slightly better and go somewhere. That'd be cool.

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