Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Not especially productive.

I have not been especially productive today, and I wasn't yesterday either. I generally don't want to do my work. But I love doing the indie stuff. This is not what I've been paid to do. And not what I must do. I wish I was better able to concentrate on the work I have to do. But it's my own fault for basically just not doing it.

It's always easier to do the small, quick things than it is to do the big, long-term, difficult things. Checking websites, answering e-mails, and running errands tends to take priority over the important stuff. Ah well. I'll get my act together at some point.

I better.

It was raining today. Maybe that can be my excuse for not feeling overly motivated. Laundry and a few other things was all I could handle, right?

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Quiche said...

I have something you can procrastinate with!

On my blog I am taking a poll of what citation programs historians use...please tell me what you think!