Monday, June 09, 2008

Boom. Summer.

On Friday it was suddenly summer. And not the 23 and sunny degrees variety, but the 33 degrees and sunny variety. Hot damn. It's been all kinds of hot and sweaty since then. Not that I'm complaining. Remember how it was -20 a few months ago? The haziness has sapped some of my energy, but I've been busy since Thursday.

The California guy came for the weekend. We had a nice time, but I knew it was wrong. We will be friends from now on. He's awesome, but I am in love with Toronto and my priorities are here. It's a bit sad, I'm glad to have it decided.

I need to write a conference paper this week. I wish I had more inclination to work.

I'm gonna go see Sloan on Tuesday at Tattoo (for free!). The passes to that came today in the mail.

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