Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ruby Coast, Hush Money, Hamilton Trading Co.

Sunday night after doing the podcast with TW, the two of us biked up to Sneaky Dee's to see Ruby Coast, a young band from suburban Toronto that reminds me of Born Ruffians and especially Tokyo Police Club. I'd seen them twice before, and Sunday night the crowd was mostly made up of older (as in, older than the band members) people who hadn't seen them perform before. So no crazy mosh pit antics. But a lot of people came early to see them---I've never seen a crowd so large at Sneaks so early for a Wavelength show. The guys played great, and KS and I danced at the front while most other people bobbed their heads. Ah, Toronto.After their set, TW and I (along with another friend) biked over to the Boat, for Gather Round. It was the last summer night for the Sunday series that's been going for several months. The few times that I'd gone before, the audience has been pretty thin (but not empty). This time, a bunch of people were there, so that all the seats were taken and many people had to stand. Which isn't a bad thing when the acts are energetic and encourage audience participation. I missed Mikey Muscat, but saw most of Hush Money and of course one of my favourite groups, Hamilton Trading Co. A good time. KH was backed up by 13 singers this time. I couldn't get them all in a shot from where I was sitting, and being more interested in watching/listening/participating than taking photos, I didn't get up and move to take a better one. Gather Round was a nice thing to do Sunday nights.

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