Monday, June 30, 2008

Back in the big city.

Toronto is home, and I'm back. Columbus was ok. I had a great time at the Columbus Zoo and a Clippers game on Saturday. The conference itself was alright, but boring, mostly. I chatted with other grad students (and young professors)---many of whom I'd met at previous conferences---and had brief exchanges with a couple professors. I didn't get much feedback, which is fine since I can't expect that, but I certainly did not come back home enthusiastic about my topic and with a keen desire to get on with it. My malaise continues. I don't want to be a bummer for those around me; I'm afraid I can't help it, though. Basically, I'm great and life is awesome and there are amazing things happening all around me all the time, and fantastic people with whom to spend time. And yet, I'm not particularly happy at the moment.

The thought of being a professor and having to hang around other professors sounds terrible. I don't like professors. Maybe it's just the ones here that suck---not my committee, but most other ones, it seems. But I'm not so sure. I'm kinda off historians right now. Not all of them, and not even most of them. Still, I'm a bit down about things. Except indie kids and that whole scene. Sure, not everything is rosy with the indie set all the time, but the vast majority of the time I feel welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated for being who I am when I'm out and about at shows and doing other indie music things. I have been feeling less so in the other area of my life recently. It's sad, really.

The rabbit was not part of the zoo exhibits. She was just hanging around near some primates. Cute.

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