Saturday, June 14, 2008

NXNE'ing (Friday afternoon).

On Thursday evening I met a guy with the Saved by Radio label out of Calgary, and he suggested I come to the BBQ they were co-hosting with Kelp Records (Ottawa) the next afternoon. Summerlad, a band I'd seen and liked at the Boat, were going to perform again at 1pm. So, having nothing better to do---other than work on my dissertation---I got myself out of the house and was at the BBQ by 1:20pm or so. Enough to catch a few songs by Summerlad, chat with Paul, have a free hotdog, meet some people, and enjoy four more bands. (I left at around 4:30pm, so I could take a bit of a break before a big night out.) It was great fun.

Summerlad. Again. Good alternative sort-of experimental rock. Not what I'd choose to listen to all the time, but definitely a group and a sound I can get behind.Next, Andrew Vincent played a few tunes solo, and was then joined by "the Pirates" (Scott Terry and Bryan Curry). Andrew told us the group hadn't played together or practiced in two years. It didn't seem to matter. They were great! The audience inside the small place grew. Clearly, the musicians and other folk there knew this band from before and were thrilled to see them play again. The threesome looked like they were having a good time, too.
I like Andy Swan's recorded material, but---though he plays in town regularly---I had yet to see him. So this was a treat! He and his band were lovely, more upbeat than I imagined. They closed with "Can I Pay You With Sunshine." Awesome. I was make a point for sure of seeing him again.Junior Pantherz followed. I gotta say that I'd never heard of this band before. They are young and energetic rockers from the Prairies. After a couple songs they had me. I would like to see them again, in a proper venue. They'd put on a good live show for sure.The last group of the afternoon (for me) was Rhume, a crazy band with more experience (read: age) than most of the groups I see here in Toronto. Not really my kind of thing, but I was pretty distracted by their singer, worried about being fallen on to, or having fake blood spilled on me. Ick. Everyone else seemed to eat it up though. It was fun, but other than the costume, unmemorable for me. The thing in his hand is a fake meat cleaver. It was Friday the 13th, after all.Crappy photos, I know. Bah. I'm new at this, ok? I still need to recap Friday night---seven more bands/performers. (Hot Springs, Oh No Forest Fires, Great Lake Swimmers, Brad Casey, Lorrie Matheson, The Diableros, and the Pack A.D.!!!) I'm loving every minute of NxNE. Except for this wristband. I can't wait to take it off. Driving me crazy.

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