Monday, June 02, 2008

Musical Sunday.

Ouff. I've had quite the weekend of being out and about, usually at shows. But including lots of eating with friends. I had a few hours of feeling not fabulous, but snapped out of it. I've realized that I can't be left alone in my apartment for too long. I start to go crazy.

Last night I went to Wavelength at Sneaky Dee's, and had a great time. The two bands that played were both good/great, and The Youngest was lovely. I especially liked No Gold---wow, so much fun! Oh, and Tyler Wade and I recorded our podcast Sunday afternoon, after my brunch with a couple of lovely historians, and before I dashed off to the Tranzac to see/hear Michael Holt and friends.

Greg MacDonald and Jay Ferguson from Sloan were there; Greg joined International Falls up on stage, playing guitar for their first song. (I've seen Jay out at shows before, so this wasn't a total surprise. It took me seeing Greg with Jay to realize why I recognized him [Greg].) IF's set involved a lot of switching of instruments between band members. They were pretty fun, like standard young indie pop, but not in a bad way. Actually, in a way that you rarely hear. I enjoyed them.

I'm a bit sore all over. Nothing serious. I think just my being out and about, dancing, standing, biking, walking . . . it's taking a toll.

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