Monday, June 23, 2008

Indie Music 41.

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Welcome to my weekly roundup of inexpensive indie(ish) musical happenings in downtown Toronto. I try to list as many shows here as I know about, though with a preference for listing those happening at venues I especially like, or featuring performers I know something about. This list is thus not comprehensive. In addition, I rarely list shows that cost $10 or more, and never ones that require advance ticket purchases. If I'm missing something or you have any comments, let me know.

Last week was pretty tame for me, music-wise. Needed to take a bit of a breather afte NxNE. But Saturday night I was out, and Sunday too (Ruby Coast! Hamilton Trading Co!). This week I'm not going to any shows: I'll be in Columbus, OH.

Here are my picks for this week. Monday: Gentleman Fest @ The Gladstone; Tuesday: Jon-Rae Fletcher and $100 @ The Imperial Pub; Wednesday: LLIONS @ Rancho; Thursday: National Tragedy @ The Renaissance Cafe or Zygiella V @ Rancho; Friday: Concord Cafe (experimental noise rock) or the Horseshoe (folk pop-rock); Saturday: I can't decide (lots of good things to do); and Sunday: Michael Holt's Tranzac series (early evening) and Wavelength at night. Enjoy the week!

Tyler and I recorded our fifth podcast Sunday evening. That should be up soon at You can also subscribe to it (for free) from the iTunes store.

MONDAY (23 jun)

Kevin Quain @ Grafitti's, 6pm.

Angela Bower (AKA Christine Bougie & Dafydd Hughes) @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7pm, pwyc.

Elvis Mondays presents Still Life Still, The Effens, Mark Sutherland, Noise Box, Emerald Doyle, and the People of Canada @ The Drake Underground, 9pm, free.

Groovy Mondays feat. Two Roads Home, Jadea Kelly, and Two Roads Home @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Moon June presented by Mantler feat. Eric Chenaux and Mantler @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 8pm, pwyc.

* Gentleman Fest presents Place Hands, The Guest Bedroom, Whiskey Priest, Tradition, and Now Yr Taken @ The Gladstone Melody Bar, 8pm, $5. This is a fundraiser for Ladyfest Toronto.

Jordan Venn, Unsung, and tba @ Smiling Buddha.

Burning Brides (live recording session) w/ Year Long Disaster @ The Bovine, 9pm.

Killin It, Reprobates, School Jerks, and At Worst @ 393 Margueretta St., 8pm, $5.

TUESDAY (24 jun)

The Mermen @ Smiling Buddha.

Alysse Rich, Daniel Field, Sammy Field, and Leora Rich @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, pwyc.

John Russon Quintet @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

The Edge 102.1 Dave Bookman's Nu Music Nite feat. Dave Bidini Band (ex Rheostatics) @ 11:40, Black Diamond Boys @ 10:50, Jason Bajada @ 10:00, and Parlour Steps @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, free.

Jim Black @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Ian Sherwood's Trio w/ Mandippal Jandu @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Pink and Black presents Fingerbanger, End Program, and The Bag Ladies @ The Bovine, 9pm, free.

Home Grown Tuesdays feat. Darrelle London, Trick of Disaster, Jeremy Smith, The Rosie Jones Band, Jude Haines, and The Bitter Happiness @ The Silver Dollar, 8pm, $5.

The AMBiENT PiNG presents Summer Laptopia w/ NAW, URM, and SRF @ The Central, 8pm, $6/pwyc.

* Jon-Rae Fletcher w/ $100 @ The Imperial Pub (Back Room), 9pm, $5.

Pitter Patter Nights presents Slides, I Made This Mistake, and Michou @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Local Alt Rock feat. Moore @ 10:45, Faded Blue @ 9:45, and Second Pass @ 8:45. Lee's Palace, $5.

Ainsley McNeaney (w/ full band, orchestra, and choir) @ The Music Gallery, 8pm, $10.

WEDNESDAY (25 jun)

* Feuermusik (in-store) @ Soundscapes, 6pm, free.

Sarah Jerrom Quintet @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Real Cops, Mike Baker (Peyote Kings), State of Mind, and Sarah Pearson @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm.

PWYC Weds feat. Red Flag Ruckus, LLIONS, and the Sun Brimmers @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, pwyc.

Ben Hammond w/ White Room and Zach Finkelstein @ The Central, 9pm.

Howl and tba @ The Velvet Underground.

CaMp CoMbo @ Grafitti's, 9pm, pwyc.

Barzin, Evening Hymns, and Leanne Greyerbiehl @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Local Alternative feat. tba @ 11:40, Corduroy Road @ 10:50, Ian Sherwood Trio @ 10:00, and Urban Symphony @ 9:10. The Horseshoe Tavern, 8:30pm, $4.

Pitter Patter Nights presents Born To Busk, The WitHouts, and The Milwaukee's Best Band @ The Boat, 9pm, $5.

Local Rock & Pop feat. Dippinsauz, People You Know, John Wayne, and Chasing Aimee @ Lee's Palace, $8.

Quality Folk Rock feat. The Meggi Faye Band, More than Breathing, The Deadbeat Dads, and tba @ Smiling Buddha, 8pm, $5.

New Music Night feat. Higgs Field, Najua, and Insurgentlemen @ Clinton's, 9pm, $5.

The Liras w/ The Mighty Rhinoceros @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, $5.

Bad Flirt, We Are the Take, and The Hots @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 8pm, $8.

THURSDAY (26 jun)

The Warlocks (in-store) @ Sonic Boom, 6pm, free.

Big Pride Stomp Down feat. Tomboyfriend and Histrionics @ The Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Marilyn Lerner @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

The Rough Sea, Thick as Thieves, the Milwaukee's Best Band, and Chris Yang @ The Oxford Hotel (117 Oxford St.), 8pm, pwyc.

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder w/ The Canada Goose Band, Deep Dark United, Blue Sunshine, and ayalsenior @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 8pm, $5.

t@b and Sara Nasr @ Free Times Cafe, 8:30pm, pwyc.

Donovan Woods Band w/ Andrew Austin @ The Central, 9pm, $10.

Weekend Warriors and Mikey Digits w/ DJ Coulture @ Revival, 10pm, $5.

* National Tragedy Episode 2 presents Shelby Lamb, Eric Chenaux, Elaine Kelly (Carnival Moon), and Gardenia @ The Renaissance Cafe, 9:30pm, pwyc.

Black Collar Thursdays feat. Del Asher, Story Teller (ex FMIG/Masquerade Parade), and Cities Between Us w/ DJ Stu Dead of Playdead @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

* V presents Burn Planetarium, Hot Panda, and Oh No Forest Fires @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $6.

* Modernboys Modergirls (CD release) w/ Dinosaur Bones and DJ General Eclectic, plus guest performances @ Wrongbar, 9pm, $6 (or $12 and you'll get the CD too).

The Cotton Jones Basket Ride @ The Silver Dollar, 9pm.

Maria Taylor, Johnathan Rice, and Nik Freitas @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $8.50.

Dirty Dishes (CD release) @ Dakota Tavern, 7pm, $10.

Home Grown presents Michael Lake & Whiskey Gordon @ The Rivoli, 9pm, $10. "Original music by local indie songwriters and famous Canadian covers by the house band and students of Tammy Frederick's Voice Studio."

Acoustic evening feat. Chisai Jackson, the July Monarchy, and Make Your Exit @ Clinton's, 10pm, $tba.

Abient Editions & the Music Gallery present Gordon Monahan, Olivia Block, and Joda Clement @ The Music Gallery, 8pm, $10 (students/members, $15 regular). "A night of electro-acoustic experimentation."

FRIDAY (27 jun)

The Foolish Things @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, free.

The Warped 45's and Amelia Curran @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

These Three Cities @ Smiling Buddha.

Alistair Christl & the Swingin Chandeliers and Key Frames @ Graffiti's, 9pm, pwyc.

Launch party for Tenori-on feat. Lal, IamRobotandPround, Isabelle Noel, Repair, Tone Cabinet, and Inside A Mind @ The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 8pm, $1.

Matt Valentine & Erika Elder w/ The Canada Goose Band, Saffron Sect, Under Heaven, and Not the Wind Not the Flag @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 8pm, $5.

Fleece Elves, Northwest Division, Daniel Sky, and the Pocket Co. @ The Savannah Room, 9pm, $5.

The State Of Things and Picturesound w/ DJ Vania @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

Uncut, Metz, Ten Kens, and Ancestors @ Silver Dollar, 9pm, $5.

TWM presents Clouds That Look Like Things, The Lovely Killbots, Obscenery, and Donnie Ivey @ Rancho Relaxo, 9pm, $6.

Not Guilty w/ Pants & Tie, and DJs Shaniqua and Selective Sergery @ Teranga, 10pm, $5 (free before 11pm).

Joe Garant (CD release) w/ Madeleine Slate and Daniel Mackenzie @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm, $5.

The Hungry Ghost Festival @ Neutral, 11pm, $5.

The Radical Dudez @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm.

Taxi Chain @ The Cadillac Lounge, 10pm, $8.

* Galactic Cocoon presents The Creeping Nobodies, Tropics, Gaybeast, and LsDoubleDCup @ Concord Cafe, 9:30pm, $8.

Eef Barzelay (Clem Snide) w/ White Hinterland @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm, $8.50.

Animal Clinic, Sadie May Crash, and Brain Sandwich of Zion @ Clinton's, 9pm, $10.

Ska Fest feat. Keepin'6, Cheap Suits, Anderson, All For Nothing, Nobody Knew, and After The Invasion @ El Mocambo (Upstairs), 7pm, $10.

* A Northern Chorus (final Toronto show) @ 12:30, Dan Griffin & the Regrets @ 11:30, Bellewoods @ 10:30, and Electroluminescent @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, $10.

Jagermeister Release the Beast Competition feat. No Right Turns, Blood Runs Cold @ The Annex WreckRoom, 9pm, $10.

SATURDAY (28 jun)

There's some free stuff on as part of festivals. I don't have those things listed here.

The Re-mains @ The Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, 7pm, free.

Karen Kosowski (& Marc) w/ Tyler Summers @ The Central, 9:30pm, $5 or pwyc.

Another Saturday Night, SCREEN-3, and The Locusts Have No King @ Mitzi's Sister, 10pm, pwyc.

Space Craft 6 @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 6pm, pwyc.

Saint Dirt Elementary School @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

* FUnhUnT presents Oscar Brown, Kaleidoscope City, Burn Planetarium, Alphabot!, Dinosaur Bones, Party Band (members of Spiral Beach, The Miles, Donlands & Mortimer, and People of Canada), Boxes & Bags, and La Casa Muerte @ La Casa Muerte Academy of Sciences (676 College St. W), 8pm, $3.

Whale Tooth and Remotely Controlled @ Bread & Circus (193 1/2 Baldwin St.), 9pm, $5.

The Priddle Concern, Krista Hartman, H-Burns, and Charlotte Cornfield @ Silver Dollar, 9pm, $8.

Charity Concert for Surrey Place feat. Hamilton Trading Co. @ The Boat, 8pm, $10 min. donation. See

The Skirtchasers, The Low Heroes, Two Foot Falls, Michael Moone & the Shivertones, and Daniel Gray @ Smiling Buddha, 8pm, $5.

Tambourine Magazine and K-laah Entertainment present Cure Gravity, Bury the Bully, Only Way Back, Kessel Run, and WhosArmy @ The Savannah Room, 8:30pm, $10.

Lodown and Georgian Skull w/ DJ Vania @ The Bovine, 9pm, $5.

Brittlestar, Looks Linear, and tba @ Lee's Palace, 9pm, $6.

Wintage Records & Tapes presents Skaters, Eskimo King, Disguises, and Knurl @ O'Grady's Pub (171 College St.), 9:30pm, $7.

* Indie Dance Rock feat. Shenanigans @ 12:30, Elephant (CD release) @ 11:30, Janes Party @ 10:30, and Fox Jaws @ 9:30. The Horseshoe Tavern, 9pm, $8.

* Teenanger, Machetes, The Holy Cobras, and World War I @ Rancho Relaxo, $8.

Infighter @ The Mod Club, 10pm, $10 (or free w/ guestlist).

A Softer Touch feat. Quiet Centre, Mineseye, Throbbin Hoods, The Death of Me, and Johnny Bludclot & Michael Cuthbertson (Some Peoples Kids) @ The Cameron House (Back Room), 9pm (show time), $10.

Sundown Entertainment presents Eclectic Minds feat. Revo Clik's Diaz, Blvd, Dre, and Tha Voice; True Notion; Stolen Owners; and the Afterthats w/ DJ Shai @ The Rivoli, 9pm, $10 (or $5 adv).

Music Gallery presents Feuermusik (CD release), Neptune, and Marilyn Lerner @ The Music Gallery, 8pm, $10 (students/members, $15 regular).

The Vestaloynes @ El Mocambo (First Floor), 9pm.

SUNDAY (29 jun)

Alterna Queer feat. @ Alexander Parkette Stage (behind Buddies in Bad Times), noon. There's DJing at noon, followed by bands (etc.) playing starting at 1:30pm, and there's another one each half hour. The lineup is: Strong Like Bull, Senor Kasio, Mad June, Satan's Candy, Foxes, Shitt Hottt, Stop.Die.Resuscitate, Leif, Creature, Miss Guy, Ari Up, Miss Guy (again), and Duchess says at 10pm.

Solar Cycle 24 @ The Gladstone Hotel Art Bar, 2pm, free.

Prodigal Sundays feat. The Backstabbers Country Stringband @ The Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar, 5pm, free.

Michael Holt presents I Love Music! @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 5pm, pwyc.

Josh Van Tassell & friends @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 7:30pm, pwyc.

Rosemary Phelan @ Free Times Cafe, 8pm.

* Wavelength 419 feat. Entire Cities, Wordburglar, and Hot Panda @ Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, pwyc.

Steamboat Monthly Review w/ guest Andre Ethier @ Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), 10pm, pwyc.

Healing Power feat. Cave Dudes @ Tranzac (Tiki Room), 9pm. The band performs at 10:30pm. Before the music, there's food and maybe a film.

Normal Love, Sailboats Are White, Fanaa (ex STYTS), and Gravitons @ The Boat, 9pm, $6

DJ X, DJ Fase, & DMoney present Live at the BBQ: The Reunion feat. a whole lot of hip hop music to be played/spun/mixed by a whole lot of DJs plus performances by Frankenstein, Nasty Howie, Bishop Brigante, and Thrust, hosted by John Bronski @ The Drake Underground, 3pm onwards, $7 (or $15 after 10pm).

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