Saturday, June 21, 2008

Star Trek @ Roy Thomson Hall.

Tonight was most assuredly not indie music. But it was amazing. I am a Star Trek fan from way back. I grew up with the Next Generation, and have watched that and the next two series over and over again in syndication. Memories of Space Channel in the afternoon . . . .

Anyways, back to reality. Star Trek! The Toronto Symphony Orchestra performed a bunch of themes from the movies and shows, and the night was hosted by John de Lancie ("Q") and Robert Picardo ("the doctor"). Yes, those guys. I was crazy happy to be there. It was a teensy weensy bit cheesy but really well done for what it was. The audience hooted and hollered a bit during a standing ovation that lasted for three curtain calls. Super fun.

And I will now get back to dissertating. I am gathering up my materials for a section of chapter 2. Tediousness, here I come.

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