Friday, December 28, 2007

An undeserved break.

I've been home (in Ottawa, that is) for a week now. And I've done a whole lot of pretty much nothing.

- Graded 6 papers, and will get on the 10 others soon.
- Took the dog for a walk once. I've gotta take her out today.
- Had dinner with some old friends.
- Went shopping with my sister downtown. Didn't buy anything, though.
- Watched Star Treks, Seinfeld, and Corner Gas with my brother.
- Watched "Downtown" with my parents, brother, and uncle. I recommend it. (It's been a Polk family favourite for 17 years or so.)
- Watched "Seeking Salvation" with my mother. I recommend it.
- Watched "Bollywood/Hollywood." I recommend it.
- Listened to some music.
- Talked to relatives and honourary relatives.
- Took some photos.
- Ate lots of fatty, sugary foods. And felt a bit ill once probably because of it.

I think that's the extent of my time here so far. It's been laid back, which for most people I would support, but since I don't exactly work super hard when I'm supposed to be working, I don't feel it's right that I should have had this break. I gotta work harder when I get back to TO. There's no excuse not to finish the half chapter that I've been working on since the fall.

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