Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A day off work.

Stayed home and worked on Sunday. Good on me. Was quite productive despite getting up late. And even make dinner for myself. (Not as successful as the Thai curry from last week, but still edible.)

Monday was a different story. I woke up at the ungodly hour of 10:20am and went to dim sum with a new friend. SO GOOD. I love King's Noodle (Spadina, just north of Dundas, on the west side). It's amazingly good. Savory, deep friend . . . mmm. Afterward we went vintage shopping in Kensington Market. RN is a good guy to go with, I discovered. The man knows nearly EVERYONE in the market. It was much fun, and $100 later I had a new 60s coat and dress. We got in some grocery shopping too.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was when RN told me about the "cute cheese boys" who work at Magic Cheese, one of the cheese shops in the market. We went in, and sure enough: the guys working there were totally cute! Of course, I then proceeded to tell them what RN had said, and that I thought he was right. It got a bit of a smile out of the two men behind the counter. But I think it mostly just embarrassed all of them, especially RN. lol.

By 11:30 I was back downtown, this time at the Cloak & Dagger, a great little bar on College near Bathurst---so, right in the epicentre of my social life. A friend from Massey was having a get-together with his friends before taking off for the US and Argentina for many months. I had a good time, of course.

I'm now chatting with FN on MSN. (Live, from Berlin.) So I must get do that . . . .

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