Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Saturday.

FN moved out on Saturday morning.

At lunchtime the other conference organizers came over with delicious food and we had a potluck meal. It was excellent. We then spent the next several hours putting together the conference programme and making other decisions. It was good to get it all done, and in less time than I think most of us anticipated it would take. Yay us. Once we were finished, KE and EH hung around and we chatted for a while, and then I went off to Sneaky Dee's for the Rock Lottery.

For this charity event, 25 indie rock (broadly defined) musicians gathered in the morning to be formed into 5 bands. They had the rest of the day to go off and create a few new songs, which they would perform that night. Neat idea, but I can imagine it was a pretty exhausting day for the people involved. The show itself actually started on time, so when I got there at 11pm, the second group was already performing! So I missed Ken Farrell's (The Gravity Wave) group. Sigh. But I saw 4 bands, including Dan Werb (Woodhands) perform with Jonny Dovercourt and David Dineen-Porter (PDF Format), and then Paul Banwatt (Woodhands, the RAA, We're Scared, etc.) with Shawn Jurek (Oh No Forest Fires, The Primordials) and Sook Yin Lee. That second group was the best of the evening. Dan's was my second favourite. The last group, which included Simon Borer from Entire Cities and The Weather Station, was also pretty entertaining. All in all, a successful event. Lots of people came out to see the musical mashups.

Today I will stay close to home. There's quite a bit of snow on the group, and the weather forecasters are saying rain is on the way. How awful. I need to clean some more and get some work done.

P.S. I go to shows twice a week. And I occasionally buy CDs while there, as well as download the occasional album from Zunior. In November, I spent less than $50 total on all these things ("entertainment" in my expenses spreadsheet). So seriously not very much. And I get a lot of bang for my entertainment buck. Plus, I rarely drink.

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