Monday, December 17, 2007

"I LOVE Tin Bangs!"

So said EH. I agree, and so do the 4 people who came out on our urging to Lee's Palace Saturday night. I often go out alone, so that I was with 5 other people I know from school---and in the middle of a snow storm---is impressive. It's not me: it's Tin Bangs. The band was just great last night, as usual. They released their first LP, "Seeya in the Springtime," and were celebrating the release of their first music video, for the song "The Skinny."

EH and I arrived early, in time to catch the opening acts, playing to a near-empty house in the beginning. I saw a guy I recognized near the stage, and turns out it was Quadb (AKA Bob) from this blog. We came to realize as we talked throughout the night that we'd been at the same three shows this past week: Basia Bulat on Wednesday (he was standing right behind me talking pics); TWM showcase on Thursday (he spent a large part of the evening right beside me); and Saturday night. I finally met Frank from chromewaves on Thursday, so it's been a week of meeting music bloggers. A few weeks ago it was all photographers (him and him), and now it's (photo)bloggers. What's next?

There was a huge dump of snow this weekend, and the weather messed with the attendance at Lee's. But there was still a decent-sized crowd by the time Tin Bangs started playing. And . . . what can I say, but "wow." Seriously. The guys are just really good at what they do, and everyone around me was having a great time. I made a point of watching Robbie, which was harder to do than last time. He was in a bit of a shadow (note to Lee's: more lights on the drummer, please!) and because of the stage height and my closeness to it, I had to make a point to watch him. If no one else was worth looking at, I'd be happy. But the other guys stand out too. (All my female friends think you're cute, Phil. All the girls in the crowd are in love with Ben, I'm sure.) Ok, ok, I'm starting to sound creepy. Really, though, it was a great set in all kinds of ways. "Santa" playing the keys and dancing on stage (itself decked out in colourful fake fir trees) was appropriately xmass-y; the man with the light-up leather jacket ("Flyerman")* was perhaps appropriately drunk-old-guy-at-a-show-y. Some "elves" and audience members were summoned to dance on stage, and though I wasn't convinced this would work, the stunt actually made things more fun, if that's possible. Fun! Until next time. No doubt EH and MB will be all over your Mod Club show, and it shouldn't be hard to convince others to come out with us, too.

I liked the two openers, Songs from a Room, and The i Spies. I'd been wanting to see them each for a while. EH and I enjoyed them both. I think they'd go over well in more crowded, smaller venues. The last band to play, These Electric Lives, was one I was also looking forward to. But after the high that was Tin Bangs, I wasn't really in the mood for what they do. They do it well---attractive bunch with great vocals, etc.---but I got kinda bored. Sorry, guys. (My friend SH thought you were great and wants to pick up your album, though.) I'd be up for giving the group another chance.

In case you're wondering, my current list of bands not to miss includes (not necessarily in order) Woodhands, Tin Bangs, Barons and Lengthy, The Rural Alberta Advantage, We're Scared, Five Blank Pages, Oh No Forest Fires, The Gravity Wave, and The Vulcan Dub Squad. I'm always looking to add more bands to my favourites . . . .

* Thanks to Quadb for the reference! See his review of the show here.


Quadb said...

The crazy old guy with the flashing leather jacket actually had a documentary made about him a couple of years ago. I remember seeing him at concerts 15 years ago. Strange guy.

historyjen said...

Ouff! Thanks for the reference.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the amazing blog!

we were honoured to have santa make an appearance at Lee's. the poor guy has a lot on his plate this month... and we were afraid his sleigh might not make it in from peterborough, which may as well have been the north pole on a night like that!

anyway, be sure to get in touch with us before the Mod Club show so we can get you (and your friends) on the GL.