Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Basia Bulat, and I go shopping.

I've recently returned from seeing Basia Bulat (pronounced "Basha") and her band perform a free show at Criminal Records. It was a CBC Radio 3 session recording. And it was fantastic! What a voice that woman has. And super talented musicians to help her out, too. Great stuff. I am now a fan. I went out of curiosity and because I was in the area and didn't feel like going home and working. I'm really glad I stuck around.

The whole event was just so lovely. Basia seemed to have a real rapport with her band, looking around at them while she played, and introducing the member to the audience as "my friends." Four of the six performers were decked out in Christmas-y sweaters, a nice touch which made the show all the warmer. When I left the store, walking by and thanking Basia, she in turned thanked me for coming, and said "we'll see you next time." Indeed. Indie musicians---the ones I go see---are always glad when people come out. It's nice to know that this up-and-comer is still a real person like the rest of us. But then, why wouldn't she be? I guess my point is that everyone involved was awesome, in all kinds of ways. Thanks for the show.

Today was a good day, all round. I had an appointment for something medical early in the afternoon---as usual, it took forever. Just so much waiting around. But I read/worked to pass the time. Then I walked down to Queen West, stopping for a bite to eat along the way. I wanted to check out some vintage shops, but I ended up also shopping in more expensive stores. At the end of the outing, I had acquired a super cute new sweater from Preloved and a dress from Fraiche. My wallet wasn't happy with me, but the pieces are great. I especially am completely in love with the sweater. And that whole store. There's great stuff in there if you can afford to splurge a bit. (Or a lot.) There having sales this month and into next, so definitely check it out.

Eventually I made my way to the record store. I bought the new Cuff The Duke album . . . and discovered that I was buying it from Wayne Petti, the band's lead singer! An unexpected bonus. I made him sign the poster that came free with the CD. A little later I went back and got the Foxfire Forest album---I'd been wanting it for a while now. And then after Basia and co. were done, I bought her "Oh, My Darling." It couldn't be helped. She's just too cute.

Now I really do need to get some work done. But I'm in a mood to. Tomorrow, I'm commenting on a paper, and then off to another show (or two). Yipee!

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