Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's already Thursday.

Holy geez, and I have done so little work this week.

Errands continue to take up much time. I haven't been to a show since Saturday, so that's not what's keeping me away from dissertating. But other commitments and necessities of life get in the way. Also, I went out last night for many hours of socializing. But it was good to hang out with new people. My night went something like this: Sushi on Bloor, Ronnie's, The Embassy, The Cloak & Dagger, and home by 1am. There are important parties tonight, but I may only show up at one so I can get home early(ish) to work.

I'm going to go take more notes now. It's excruciatingly boring. But it must be done before I can get back to my chapter.

I wore purple leggings today. I'm not convinced about them.

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