Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow can't keep us inside.

There was a huge amount of snow on the ground (for Toronto) today. My dad says out where he is in Ottawa, they had 40cm, crazy drifts everywhere, and the power was out for 5 hours. Brrr! It wasn't like that here in the big city, but there was still enough snow to wreak all sorts of havoc. Shows were cancelled---don't want bands getting into accidents while driving in from out of town---and there sure wasn't a lot of traffic on Dupont or Bloor.

Sunday evening JH came over and we walked---trudged, really---to the grocery store so we could feed ourselves. It was nice to have company and an excuse to have a proper dinner! Complete with wine, too. The walk to Dominion took a long time, and the walk back even longer, thanks to the wind and our bangs of goodies. But it was good exercise and we built up a huge appetite for lasagna (yes, we cheated and bought something frozen) and garlic bread (homemade!). Yummy. Good times. I hadn't seen JH in a few weeks because she's been so bogged down with school and other friends. :-)

Oh, and this totally strange thing happened earlier in the day. I left the house to go buy wine at the LCBO. As I was walking down the steps of the house, I saw my landlady. I said hello, of course. She said something in Korean then . . . spat twice near where I was standing. Weird! I have no idea what that was about. Maybe she just needed to spit? But it was bizarre. Seriously, though, I am a fantastic tenant, so if she has a problem with me, she's crazy. I guess I should be thankful that she didn't spit at me??

The weekly show listings are now posted here.

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