Sunday, December 09, 2007

A different kind of show.

The house party on Friday night turned into quite the event. EH and I were there LATE and after a trip to Mel's in the wee hours I was home by 5:30am. Unlike Thursday, this time we drank. And drank some more. And danced. I wore an "outfit" and had a good time.

Saturday was semi productive. I finished the indie list (see below), did more conference errands, and spent a few hours taking useful notes for my dissertation. I'm going through some of the material I collected back in April in New York. Good stuff.

In the evening I went to Hart House for EW's last hurrah dance performance. It was great!! Whatever will Toronto be like without you? Check out what the heck I'm talking about here. I really loved the whole thing. Afterwards the historians milled about and then MB, VC, and I went for a late dinner/snack on Bloor. And I was home by 12:30, so a relatively early night for me.

And now it's 5:20am and I'm fading. I should sleep so I can get up and be productive on Sunday.

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