Saturday, December 22, 2007

EC drops by for a visit.

Let's see. I can't remember when I last updated this site. I was grading---mostly not grading---and hanging out with my new roommate on Wednesday. And then on Thursday I spent most of the day cooking because I'm not sure why. JH and MB came over for dinner (homemade soup: good) and then we met up with EC, who was in town for a visit!

The four of us went to No Shame at Tiger Bar, where we had a good time, as usual. This series is on hold from now on, while the organizer takes a break, and will start up again somewhere else next year at some point. I, for one, am looking forward to it, but will miss Tiger Bar. But anyways, we got there just as Skeleton/Me was starting his set. He was great! Reminded me of Laura Barrett. I would definitely go see him---the singer from the Born Ruffians---again. Next up were some kids in high school (no joke), Ruby Coast, who put on a good show. I enjoyed their set. And then, Mariposa, a band I'd never seen before, but have heard good things about. Most people had left by the time they came on, which is too bad. They were good. I got myself their EPs at the end of the show. Mariposa is headlining the NYE's show at the Boat this year (along with one of my faves, Barons and Lengthy). It's one of the places I might hit up that evening. The last No Shame (for now) did not disappoint.

After the show, EC and I met up with CG2, and we were off to his favourite bar, Bistro 422. CG2 is an unstoppable party animal, so of course the night wasn't going to end any time soon. We dropped in at a house party in Kensington, and I was home by 4:20am or so. It was a good night, and great to hang out with EC again!

The next day I woke up late and frantically packed before boarding my train to Ottawa. This is where I am now. My parents have gone to pick up my sister. It's great to see everyone again---brother isn't around yet, though---especially (of course), my dog! She is as fat as ever, sigh, but still lovely. I'm looking forward to sampling our traditional home food---turkey with all the fixings, Lebanese take-out, and real Ottawa-style pizza. Yummm.

Wintersleep's "Welcome to the Night Sky" and Cuff the Duke's "Sidelines of the City" are damn good albums.

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