Saturday, September 22, 2007

Up all night.

I had a frustrating afternoon yesterday. Here's to hoping things like that won't happen again. Annoying.

But anyways, I danced away my frustration at the Silver Dollar Room last night. That venue is actually much less dive-y that I thought it would be. It's actually fairly decent inside. (Granted, I did not check out the washrooms.) A whole lot of people I knew were there, which was great! I went with FN, JH, YT, and MB in tow, and then saw CB, CG2, the Woodhands' men, a small handful of Masseyites, two people I went to high school with (!!), AG and her crew, CS's b/f, and a few other people. Crazy. Talk about worlds coming together! It was great. Pretty much everyone who wasn't already in love with the band, fell in love with it.

We skipped out during the second band's set---sorry, BoyBallz---to grab something to eat to ward off starvation. JH and I, despite our thinness, must eat to survive a night out. We picked New Ho King this time around, a much better choice than the place next door. Afterwards, we (FN, MB, and JH) stayed up all night gossiping and gawking in my apartment.

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