Saturday, September 15, 2007


Today I discovered that my dissertation will be about policy. I'd never thought of it in this way before. Huh. But, yeah, organizational and personal policy. Which is cool. And this can tie in with my interest in motivations quite nicely, I should think. It will also leave room for some cultural discussion, though given my narrative tendencies and educational background, this won't predominate. All good things to know.

You might find it strange that I come up with such thoughts now, but there you have it. It comes out of the process of me writing up brief rationales for my chapters. Instead of me organizing them around individual relief and social workers like I imagined I would, I ended up writing about policies, what they were and how they changed over time and differed among the various locales of work. It really will be a work grounded in US-Russian relations. This makes me happy, but also makes it unfortunate that I am not at all trained or versed in US history.

Otherwise, life continues. And by life I mostly mean sickness and socializing. I spent much of the past several days at home. I did get a whole lot of things done, but only little things. There's a lot on my plate this year, which I think is good for me. It will hopefully give me structure to my time, which is certainly something I've lacked. It doesn't seem that I'm good about forcing structure upon myself. But the necessity to dissertate between meetings and social engagements and teaching and general living of life might work well. Let's hope, anyway!

Last Friday night I had fish and chips from a place on Harbord with AR in the Massey common room. Then we went off with JH and a couple Masseyites to the Rivoli, where we met up with CG2 (dancer extraordinaire), FN, MB, LT, and TF for a reggae-inspired show. We had a good time, but a better time once we arrived at Tiger Bar and danced the night away.

Tuesday night saw a bunch of us at the Drake Underground for a filmCAN party. One of my favourite bands, woodhands, was definitely the highlight of the night. My friends who hadn't seen them before were awed, and want to see them again. Yay! It was a super fun evening, and FN and I snagged rides both to and from the venue. (This is why it's good to have friends with cars, and then make new friends who have cars.)

Last night pretty much the whole crew was out once again, this time at Steamwhistle Brewery for Unsigned 3. The RAA was awesome, helped out by the best damn group of dancing supporters a band could ever want. Loads of fun. FN, MB, PB and I (among other people) ended things up by running through the streets of downtown Toronto toward Second City, where we took in some late-night karaoke (for free) before cabbing it home. Odd. I do need to spend less time out---clearly---but I'm glad for all the entertainment these people have brought into my life recently.

Next Friday I'm hoping to bring all my worlds together at the next woodhands show. Until then I will probably be found doing school-related activities.

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